You're probably expecting this intro to say something along the lines like how much I love love and that I stumbled upon my grandfather's old camera in a box up in a dusty attic and ever since that day that camera and I have been inseparable! 

It is true that love is lovely and I actually do have an old camera bag with video reels in it sitting on my desk, and it did belong to my grandfather (I think but really not sure!). However, my love of photography instead stems from an incurable need to document life and as I've grown as a photographer and into adulthood the need has become almost desperate. 

I'm married to a wonderful man, Sean and we live in Hamilton with our 2 cats, Vlad and Harlow and a dog Murphy (Smurf). 

Getting married really helped me understand what a lot of my clients are going through! I definitely feel way better equipped to give pep talks now.

Kailey is my right hand, assistant, dress fluffer, corny joke teller, second shooter!

She's also my little sister and getting to work with her is actually pretty awesome. If I told my teenage self that I'd laugh in my own face!

Kailey is happily married to Aaron and has one son, the cutest kid in the world, Lincoln!

When she isn't working with me, she is running a volleyball league in Niagara!